TEDx Speaker Trainer

Have you ever wanted to do a TEDx talk but have no clue how to do one? Learn how to do TEDx talks from an actual TEDx Speaker and trainer!

Join me at one of my TEDx Speaker Workshops!

Which type of person are you? Are you the type of person that has an idea you want to share with the world and you just don’t know how to start to get on the TEDx stage? Or, are you the person who has an idea and you just don’t know how to present in the TED-style?

No matter which person you are, I’ve already done the hard work for you! I am a TEDx speaker and speaker trainer and I have a 2-hour workshop that will give you the in-depth nuts and bolts tools you need to get on the TEDx stage!

I will cover everything from where/how to apply, the secret to a good application, crafting your message, formatting your talk and presentation skills.

If you want to get on the TEDx stage these two hours will rapidly expedite your process. Attend this workshop and then you can join me by proudly introducing yourself as a TEDx Speaker too!